Åsa Elisa Dahlbeck – Visual artist

Educated at Gothenburgh University School of Art ”Valand”, 5 years


pictures make a difference.Happy to place them!

Nature is my very best teacher!!

”I am often out in the landscape and paint to study what I see.Nature is my very best teacher.This basic studies is very important for to be able to create my inner images.Theese inner images comes to me with their own stories,accompanied by the rythm and chords of the color.They are in that way simultaneously narrative and abstract.It starts with a brushstroke on a blank piece of paper.Soon there will be a new painting.That is magical.”

”Color is my most important means of expressen.The color is like music with chords and rythms.The images I do often comes to me for my inner sight.I think that my art becomes similar to poetry and music.That is my wish.”

For me personally, creating images is a way to have time to reflect on what I see and hear about. Each image becomes like a message to myself and to others. In these days of AI, one is glad that there is a special sender. Love the idea of ​​being part of a long tradition of image creation, ever since the time of cave paintings for about 25000 years ago.

A drawing pad in my pocket is always with me.Drawing is the basis for my image creation.Switching between different ways to work is inspriring.One gives something to the other.

”I paint,draw and make graphic in different techniques.I appreciate the change between different ways of creating images.”


I work alternately with brush,pencil,wood carving iron,needle for drypoint on paper,canvas ,woodplate or copperplate.I`m working with Oil .Chalk,Pencil,Charcoal,Oilbar Waxencaustic,Watercolor,Tempera, Drypoint,Woodcut,Sugarlift, Lithography and Digital Fine Art Print as an example.

The magic of printing

oil on canvas

watercolor on paper

tempera on paper

vax encaustic

gouache on paper

oilbar and watercolor on paper

chalk on paper




”Because of the sun” Oil on copper/Digital Fine Art Print

We all depend on the forces of nature.Here is the boat on the sea among the mighty mountains. There is a beauty at the same time.

”The white horse is full of joy”

Monotype/Digital Fine Art Print

”The yellow bird” Monotype/Digital Fine Art Print

This yellow bird as a symbol of peace and unification,carries a hope!

Sangpo wants to join ! Oil on copper

”Agjafas land” Tempera on paper

”In the light of fire” Oil on canvas

”The mountain” Oil on canvas
When I stand there painting,the mountain seems big and mysterious.

” People pass by the mountain with a flag” Watercolor

It is also about the colorchords,playing together.

”Evening” The lamp spread its warm glow over the table.It´s about color and light. Gouache on paper

”Mystery” Monotype

”A special visitor” Oil on canvas


Oil on canvas

”Don´t worry,I will become a woodcut print.” Ink on wood

”Portrait” Oil on canvas